Saturday, February 6, 2010

Todo Q v1.0.7 for Android Released

Todo Q v1.0.7 adds several new features:
  • integration with the Contacts database
  • spell check and autosuggest enabled on text fields
  • new preference to enabled improved alphabetical, priority and category sort order for the Todo Q
  • new preference to select default location icon

This screenshot shows the Q populated with category coloring and sorting enabled.

Next we have the updated preferences screen with the new sort preference default icon gallery.

And finally a shot of the updated Todo Editor screen showing a contact's icon and the new QuickContactBadge ready to initiate a phone call, open contact editor, send text or an email. (different icons appear depending on the completeness of the contact entry)

These change requests were all submitted by users of Todo Q. Give it a try today.

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