Thursday, February 25, 2010

Todo Q v1.0.21 for Android Links Contacts, Calendar, And GPS

Todo Q v1.0.21 for Android merges the Contacts, Calendar and Navigation functions of your phone into one application. This latest release adds a searchable, customizable field to the task entry screen. Very useful if you have a piece of "identifying information" on a client, etc. We've also recently added due date and a high priority indicator to the task list, plus even more sorting and filtering options.

Here's a shot of the task list showing location icons, contact icons, and the new mm/dd due date display and "!" indicator for high priority tasks.

List with Priority

Here we see the editor screen with the Quick Contact Badge enabled after we've selected a contact from the phone. The "Add to Calendar" checkbox will add the task to your phone calendar & sync with the online calendar.

Quick Contact Badge

The locations associated with tasks are mapped & available as navigation destinations from the task list, location list, and location editor.

Todo Q Sat with Traffic

Here are a few of the many preferences that allow you to customize the application.


Todo Q is available for $1.99 on the Android Market. Give it a try.



  1. Sorry, but after searching the Android Market I cannot find this app. Help?

  2. Hi Bill, will this work on 2.1? Can't find it in the app market.

  3. I purchased this pgm for my Droids. Very confusing application... Is there a simplified tutorial that explained just how to use all the bells and whistles, using the KISS logic?
    Please assist.

    Mark H. Grebler