Sunday, February 28, 2010

Todo Q for Android has Send To Friend

Todo Q v1.1.0 is released to the android market with the new Send to Friend feature. This feature enables tasks to be sent from one Todo Q user to another. My wife loves this new feature.

Below is a summary of the new functions.
  • Task detail including description, location, start date, due date, reminder date, category & subcategory
  • Location details including icon, location text, and gps coordinates
  • Remembers last user to a quick send
  • Can receive one, many or all at once
  • Currently a manual pull function, but will be automated in a future release if demanded
  • Secured via google account for both sender & receiver

Send To Friend

Todo Q is only $1.99 on the android market. Give it a try.

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Friday, February 26, 2010

A Little Can Be A Lot in Todo Q

Recently we added a custom field at the request of a user. We labeled it identifier, and it is located below the priority field in the editor. The label for this field is customizable via the settings menu. This is why I love this model. In my day job, I NEVER talk to customers.

Here' a shot of the editor and the new custom field.

Edit with Custom Field

This field is indexed and you can filter on it from the task list.

Todo Q is available on the Android Market.


Todo Q on Droid Forums

We will be monitoring the application forum on for Todo Q related questions.

If you have questions, or just want to talk about possible future enhancements, this is the place to do it. I have no ties to this forum, but have been chatting with the admin & can tell you he's a droid fanatic.


Thursday, February 25, 2010

Todo Q v1.0.21 for Android Links Contacts, Calendar, And GPS

Todo Q v1.0.21 for Android merges the Contacts, Calendar and Navigation functions of your phone into one application. This latest release adds a searchable, customizable field to the task entry screen. Very useful if you have a piece of "identifying information" on a client, etc. We've also recently added due date and a high priority indicator to the task list, plus even more sorting and filtering options.

Here's a shot of the task list showing location icons, contact icons, and the new mm/dd due date display and "!" indicator for high priority tasks.

List with Priority

Here we see the editor screen with the Quick Contact Badge enabled after we've selected a contact from the phone. The "Add to Calendar" checkbox will add the task to your phone calendar & sync with the online calendar.

Quick Contact Badge

The locations associated with tasks are mapped & available as navigation destinations from the task list, location list, and location editor.

Todo Q Sat with Traffic

Here are a few of the many preferences that allow you to customize the application.


Todo Q is available for $1.99 on the Android Market. Give it a try.


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Todo Q v1.0.19 for Android Released

Todo Q v1.0.19 adds additional user requested features to sort by due date, category, and priority, display the due date on the list and fixes an existing sort bug.

Below we see the due date field formatted as mm/dd next to the location name.

List with Due Date

Todo Q is available on the Android Market for $1.99.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Todo Q v1.0.12 for Android adds animation effects

Instead of an abrupt removal, a completed or deleted task will shrink until it disappears from view. Just a little eye candy to reward you for completing that last task. More to come, but only where it makes sense.

Todo Q for Android is available on the Android Market for $1.99.


Friday, February 19, 2010

Todo Q v1.0.11 for Android has traffic & maps

Todo Q v1.0.11 adds support for a map view in addition to the existing satellite view of locations associated with a task. This, and a traffic layer are all enabled via preference.

Here is a capture of the map with traffic layer enabled.

Todo Q Map with Traffic

And a satellite view with traffic.

Todo Q Sat with Traffic

Todo Q is available on the Android market for only $1.99.


Sunday, February 14, 2010

Todo Q v1.0.10 for Android Released

Release v1.0.10 adds a little more integration with the contacts on the device. The Todo list will optionally display the associated contact's icon, if it is available. Otherwise it will fall back & display the location's icon.

In the screenshot below, the 1st items are using contact icons, while the last two are using the location icons.

Todo Q Showing Contact Icons

Todo Q for Android is available on the market for only $1.99.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Todo Q v1.0.9 for Android Released

This release adds a user requested preference to control alarm notifications from within Todo Q. This allows for finer control since you can specify audible or vibrate only notifications. The setting takes effect immediately for both time and location based alarms. Alarm related preferences were organized into a separate category to make them easier to find.

Also added a release notes dialog to help users understand what changes are in a release.

Todo Q for Android is available on the market for only $1.99.

Here's a look at the preference screen.

And a shot of the Q.

Balanced Q

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Todo Q for Android Quick Tutorial in PDF

Here is a copy of the tutorial in PDF format. Maybe I should call it more of an overview, but the point is that you don't need a book to use it.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Todo Q for for Android has Rebalance for Categories

One popular time management technique is to assign categories and subcategories to a task.

In Todo Q, categories are represented by letters, such as A, B, C, D, E, F. Subcategories are defined as numbers, 1, 2, 3,..., 10.

When a task is created both category & subcategory can be assigned. The concept is that you ONLY work on each task in its order of importance until completed, or something is blocking the task. Each night you reassign the rankings so that those that become important can move up the list.

Todo Q helps with the reassignment step, we call it rebalancing the list.

Suppose you start with a full Q. Ok, not so full, but enough to demonstrate the technique.

Balanced Q

After a busy day, you look at your list and see there are gaps.

Unbalanced Q

So you open the phone menu and choose Rebalance Categories.

Unbalanced Q with Menu

Now your list is rebalanced. Rebalance keeps tasks within the same category, while adjusting the subcategory to make them sequential.

Rebalanced Q

Todo Q integrates with the calendar, contacts, gps, navigation, maps on your device and makes it easier to use them together. Todo Q is available for Android 2.0+ devices on the Android Market for only $1.99.

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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Todo Q for Android Quick Tutorial

I posted a short tutorial on using some of the features of Todo Q.

Plasma Fractal Generator for Droid

Learning about 2d graphics in Android, I decided to convert an old plasma fractal applet to android. It was surprisingly easy. It takes a few seconds to render on my droid.

I've posted the APK and source using google docs new publish anything feature.

A couple of other things I've hacked with lately are a julia set generator and a simple graph demo. Both are written in processing js. The julia set generator is based on another applet, whose link escapes me just now.

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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Todo Q v1.0.7 for Android Released

Todo Q v1.0.7 adds several new features:
  • integration with the Contacts database
  • spell check and autosuggest enabled on text fields
  • new preference to enabled improved alphabetical, priority and category sort order for the Todo Q
  • new preference to select default location icon

This screenshot shows the Q populated with category coloring and sorting enabled.

Next we have the updated preferences screen with the new sort preference default icon gallery.

And finally a shot of the updated Todo Editor screen showing a contact's icon and the new QuickContactBadge ready to initiate a phone call, open contact editor, send text or an email. (different icons appear depending on the completeness of the contact entry)

These change requests were all submitted by users of Todo Q. Give it a try today.

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