Monday, January 25, 2010

Todo Q v1.0.2 for Android released with Google Calendar Sync

Lots of changes in 1.0.2. You should follow me on Twitter here.

In the past, Todo Q just piggybacked on the calendar database. With 1.0.2, you now have the choice to keep the todo local, or push it to the device calendar. Calendars can be imported at anytime are automatically reconciled with the Todo Q.

Other new features:
- Ability to trigger the in-phone navigation from anywhere a location appears in Todo Q.
- Ability to enable & disable location based alarms on demand.
- You can now "Complete a Todo", not just delete one. A new preference was added to "Show Completed Todos".

A few screenshots of the application in action follow.

This is the Todo entry screen. The user has entered the address and "long-clicked" the field. Not every location needs to be in your personal DB for ever... so you get a choice.

Below is the Todo Q, empty for our new entry, but showing the menu options.


And now we have the Q after an import. The "more" menu has these hidden... the ability to clear and restore alarms. No one likes to work all day! (works for time & location alarms)


Locations can be edited to assign icons, and you can view Todos associated with that location. (complete or not)


Getting back to the Calendar feature... here's the Calendar selection list on my phone. A few of these are subscribed calendars... never know when you might need to know the stardate!


Please give Todo Q a try. It is available on the Android Market directly from your 2.0+ device.

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  1. This application may be the single most compelling reason for me to get an Android. Way to go Wa^w Billy Bob! :)

  2. This app sounds cool. Does anyone know if you can set a continuous alarm (i.e. an alarm that will continue to ring until you turn it off)? This would definitely be a deal-maker for me.

  3. Don't think it does, but if you can explain the behavior, I will see about adding the feature. I don' think you are talking about repeating alarms. Do you want it to play the alarm sound, vibrate indefinitely until you turn it off?