Monday, February 7, 2011

Two Oh

I recently merged a couple of branches that focused on usability and power management. The result is Todo Q v2.0 and includes many improvements in those areas.

What's new in the following screenshot?

Many things...
  • custom task list title color & font size
  • task list detail hidden, but you can customize its color and size too
  • due date on task list when detail hidden
  • completed tasks display with strikethrough and are sorted to bottom
  • custom category color is background on completion checkbox/star
Here's another shot with further color customization on the task list, with details visible.

Another theme of v2.0 is power management. Managing power effectively in a mobile application is an important task. Todo Q v2.0 addresses power management for location alarms by introducing a tiered alarm system and "power profiles". It's not perfect, but it is an improvement.

The new tiered alarm system respects the power profile selected in preferences. The ultralow, low and medium profiles use the cellular or wifi network to track location. The high and ultrahigh profiles use the gps to track location, assuming it is enabled. 

The default profile is low. Here's a shot of the preference screen.

Once a potential location is nearby, Todo Q will use the best available provider (network, gps, etc.) and set a built-in proximity alert. If the location goes out of range, the proximity alert is cancelled. The two tiered alarm approach lets Todo Q limit battery usage while providing for a large number of location alarms.

Todo Q v2.0 is still only $1.99 on the android market. Please give it a try today.


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