Saturday, February 12, 2011

Editor Redesign

The task editor in Todo Q had always been functional, but not very pretty. Today v2.0.3 is released and includes an updated look & feel for the editor and some function changes. In prior releases, "clicking" the location field would bring up your existing locations. This causes an issue on a new install since, well, you don't have any and Todo Q displayed an empty list that had to be closed. The list would also popup sometimes when you really just wanted to edit. Less than great usability. This is resolved by adding a "Locations" button to the right to select a saved location. Other changes include adding the day to the date display and trimming the date & time values of their leading zeroes. Also labeled the icon.

Scrolling down a bit we see all the dropdown or spinners as android calls them have been made to fit the width. Plus we've added separator bars to break things up a bit. And finally, Save and Revert buttons. In the beginning, you just "backed out" of the window to save. Then I added menu items, and now buttons. It does improve the usability imho. Great advice "Bird Dog".

I hope users like these changes. I did run it by a couple who thought it was an improvement.

Todo Q is only $1.99 on the android market.


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