Monday, April 12, 2010

Blame Google, Not Me

I'm getting beat up over the lack of google task sync. Flames for me instead of the software missing the API. If there was an API for google tasks, it would be integrated. I refuse to resort to screen scraping or use a backdoor that might end up in lost customer data.

Sorry, that's just the way I am.




  1. BillyBob
    I respect that. I do have one ?
    gTask does sync. I think todo app would really take off if it did sync and I would abandon gtask if it did. With all that said... I do respect your standing. I am just asking you educate me/us...

  2. @Ron - The only way to access google tasks is to screen scrape the web version. gTask has to be doing it that way. It could happen from android or a browser plugin, but that's the only public interface into google tasks.

    The risk is that google changes something in layout and/or security which breaks the sync process and customers lose data.

    A web client for Todo Q is in the works & will hopefully address this for most people. IMHO, google tasks is severely limited.

  3. This bug says it all.

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