Sunday, May 9, 2010

New Features in Todo Q for Android

Todo Q was updated recently to make entering & reviewing tasks easier. The new button bar has buttons to quickly add tasks, toggle the display of completed tasks, open settings, and open maps.

New Button Bar

The widget was also updated to a 3x2 and displays up to 4 items.

Todo Q has a 3x2 widget

Todo Q is available for only $1.99 on the market.



  1. Ok, so how do I get this app? I've tried scanning the QR code but it says it can't find the app in the Market?!?! My phone is an HTC Desire with Android 2.1

  2. @Marcus - That's not good to hear. Are you able to download other paid apps?

  3. Hi Billy Bob,thanks for your reply. I'm not sure to be honest. I've successfully downloaded some free ones. I've tried to download some other apps and not been able to find them on the Android Market either (like yours). I've been doing some general investigations and it looks like this problem is common with various apps (usually protected ones)with new handsets. It looks like it could be down to HTC or Google. HTC may not have submitted their ROM image early enough for Google to recognise it as a legitimate ROM so Google disallows access to certain apps on the Market. Apparently this is a form of protection from illegal copying of apps on "rooted" devices (or something like that). I'm not fully conversant with it all as I've only had my Desire for a few weeks so I'm a bit of a newbie!

  4. @Billy Bob - Ah! I've just followed the link you quoted. Says pretty much the same doesn't it.

  5. This app is coming along fantastic. Great job.

  6. I'm having similar issues with finding your app in the market. When I search the market, it does not exist. If I use the QR Code, a message returns that the program is not on the Market. I have a HTC Hero with version 1.5.